Chonqing Hotpot
the first, the best, the original
Established in 1994, The Magic of Chong Qing Hotpot located at Tanglin Shopping Centre is the first Hot pot restaurant to serve Authentic Szechuan Hot Pot, serving the freshest and choicest ingredients to our customers without the use of MSG. Allowing customers to enjoy the all natural taste of our ingredients.
The three magical steps
- To enjoy the ma la hot pot
  1. An array of sweet & savory tib-bits which work like sorbet in French cuisine to cleanse and relive the palate from the spiciness of the Ma-La broth.
  2. Our specially prepared dips which not only enhance the tastes of the various ingredients cooked in the broth but also restore the palate challenged by the fiery spicy broth as well.
  3. The Eight Treasures Tea with its healing properties restores the body's yin yang balance after a spicy meal.
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